Kurkure Snacks Processing line

Production Capacity : 150 & 300 & 500 Kg/Hr

All the Lines have following features…

Low edible oil take up

Low fuel Consumption.

Improved productivity with excellent product quality.

Very low labor requirement.

Excellent on line oil filtration.

High oil turn over ratio

Indirect Heating Arrangement.

Processing Line includes following Equipments

Vertical Mill Mixer cum Feeder

Kurkure Extruder

Transfer Conveyor

Feeding Elevator

Filter Drum / Nubbin separator

Linear vibratory Feeder

Continuous Frying system with Heat Exchanger

De-oiling conveyor

Slurry preparation & applicator system

Flavor Tumbling Drum

Retention conveyor

Control Panel

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Note:-Description and specifications of machines are subject to change without any prior notice.