This is the economical version of Form Fill Seal Machine, can pack Granules, Powder Products such as Tea ,Coffee, Spices, Salt, Tobacco, Mouth Fresher, etc in a 3 side/4 side seal sachets.

Technical Specifications  :

Pack Size : 10gms-100gms

Roll Width : 150mm(Min) – 300mm(Max)

Repeat Length : 50mm(Min) – 150mm(Max)

Speed : 40-50PPM

Type of Bag : Center Seal/3 side seal/4 side seal

Power Supply : 220VAC, Single Phase,50Hz

Consumption : 2 to 2.5 KW

Product Contact Parts : SS-304/316L

Optional Attachments :Hot foil batch coding, Nitrogen flushing

Filling Systems : (a) Volumetric Cup Filler

                              (b) Auger Filler 
                              (c) Loadcell controlled weigh filler
                              (d) Reciprocating Pump for Liquid

Note:-Description and specifications of machines are subject to change without any prior notice.